ENTERPRISE - Cost Sharing for Plugin Reviews

Discussion created by np0068917 on Nov 27, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2019 by mn0054774

This discussion has been created for Open LMS Enterprise clients to initiate conversations regarding cost sharing for plugin reviews.


Here are some suggested guidelines to help keep discussion threads manageable:

  • Start a new thread for each plugin review discussion by clicking on "add a reply" button below. Include as much details as you can such as version number, whether it has been reviewed or not and that you are seeking for collaborators. Also include any links to release notes on the vendor's website. 
  • To reply to a discussion, click on the "reply" link that is on the bottom right hand side of the specific plugin discussion thread.


When there is agreement to proceed with cost sharing, each client is to submit an individual case in Behind the Blackboard providing the plugin name and version number to be reviewed/developed (include any links to the vendor's website). Note in your case, the names of the other client(s) that will be sharing the cost and to also include your timeline for Production or testing.


Disclaimer: This is only to be used as an avenue for discussion, it is not actively monitored by Blackboard. For any work to proceed please submit case via Behind the Blackboard or discuss with your SDM.