DUO 2FA with Blackboard Apps?

Discussion created by jdehle on Sep 30, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2019 by marcus96

We are using SAML for SSO in Blackboard SaaS CD. (we use F5)

We are currently using DUO for off-campus two factor authentication of our email (faculty and staff only).

We are an O365 school and we know that the Outlook app on phones and other supported email apps cache authentication and require two-factor authentication every 30 days.


We are planning to bring all of our applications into the same workflow so logging in is seamless for everyone on-campus. Our concern is that our faculty using Blackboard Instructor and staff who are students using Blackboard Student will be required to do a DUO push each time they use the Blackboard device apps when off-campus. When logging into the apps, we force to the F5 log in. Blackboard thinks it will cache in cookies on devices. We will not be able to test this before going ahead.

Anyone else using DUO? What is your experience?