Week 2 Questions: Course Building/Tools/Features

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  1. What are groups for? Wade said "for assessment" but I'm not sure what that ties in to in Ultra exactly.
  2. Are there no group assignments?
  3. Filters/views in Grade Center based on groups? 



  1. When a course is copied do all announcements that were posted go back to drafts? 
  2. Students get an email notification if their notification settings are set up that way -- but there's no way to set institution-level defaults for these notification settings right? 



  1. I don't have the "Course Description" option on the left-hand side of my Ultra test site in our environment. Am I on an older version? 
  2. Multiple answer questions: can allow partial credit but can’t specify how much each answer is worth. This seems weird, especially the subtracting points for incorrect answers option. Are there more options coming here? Original view lets you specify the positive or negative percentage of points for each answer. 
    1. All or nothing: mark all correct and no incorrect answers or get 0 points. 
    2. Allow partial credit: can check all answers and get 100%. points divided evenly among correct answers & no penalty for incorrect answers. 
    3. Subtract points for incorrect: points divided evenly among correct answers. For incorrect answers, the amount of points subtracted for marking them is the total points divided by the total number of answers.
  3. Content Collection is only on the top-level, but you can make it work with permanent URLs in text links. Still, the way Blackboard organizes files in Ultra seems crazy. There's 2-4 folders before you get to each file upload in the courses local content collection. Is simplifying that being looked at?