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Course Content Create with File Upload

Question asked by oehler.troy on Aug 12, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2019 by scott.hurrey

Uploaded file and got a File Upload ID.

Found an existing folder in the course content and got the contentID.

Attempted to attach uploaded file to content ID and got error:


"status": 400,
"message": "Failed to create Course Content for content id : SequenceId{key=134553507,, container=null}, content handler : resource/x-bb-file :Error accessing uploaded file: The Uploaded Syllabus:Invalid file in temp storage: The Uploaded Syllabus:BB%3FBB_%2Bo7ffsiXi249ZQAmQa2xb0xRdXNiI7MJSG7q/7Tn%2BuZtdypTLfXtUIKSVwzW8dPlTCWT8qOyBehKk/EmgDMlF6Jv3tofG5vjLgV2Y54gMj/tK5kmgesRgg%3D%3D"



Body of Create Content is:

"title": "API Folder Test",
"description": "test creating a folder through the API",
"position": 0,
"availability": {
"available": "Yes",
"allowGuests": true
"contentHandler": {
"id": "resource/x-bb-file",
"file": {
"uploadId": "D7-D7E214AF1EC66B47AE95DBDB8A27781F-cc2c23eca18e43daaab72a61bccd97ca",
"fileName": "The Uploaded Syllabus",
"mimeType": "PDF"