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    Export grades from within the database


      Hi all,


      I would like to know a bit more about how the grades are presented to the student and how these scores can be referred back to the database.

      All of this because we want to present the grades on a different page.


      So I looked in the database schema:

      I see the following:

      POSSIBLE: the best possible score

      MANUAL_GRADE: Grade override by the Instructor

      MANUAL_SCORE: Score override by the Instructor (what is the difference?)

      EXEMPT_IND: Is the student exempted or not?


      When I have simulated a score from within a test (scored 10/10), these scores are presented in:



      - What is the difference between those two?

      - And are these indeed the fields where Blackboard inserts the points, scored in a test, assignment, assessment etc?


      I hope this makes a bit sense and hopefully you can help me,

      thanks, Regards,

      Ivo Kruchten

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          Hoi Ivo,


          I'm assuming you're looking at the gradebook_grade table, the column descriptions aren't great unfortunately, it would be nice to get clarification what "Ready to Post" means:

          'gradebook_grade' Columns:




          I'm not sure how much you know about the Blackboard database, but I would suggest going a step further than the gradebook_grade table, into the attempt table, a very simplified representation of this linkage:

          'attempt' Columns:

          Using the attempt table as well can give you some nice information about multiple attempts, the 'average score' in the gradebook_grade table gives you exactly that, when you're using the attempt table, you've got access to information about when those multiple attempts happened, you could use that to track a student's performance over time, show min/max/avg or standard deviation.


          I believe the difference between score and grade relates back to your grading scheme, a score might be, for example: 90. The possible marks might be 100. Going with an A,B,C,D,... scheme, a 90% would probably correspond to an 'A'. In this example, SCORE would be 90, and GRADE would be A.


          I'm curious, have you looked into what you can get with grade information from the Blackboard API, rather than direct database queries?




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            We undertook some similar work to this last year.  Exporting grades is a bit of a pain as you've discovered so I'll add another vote for going via a web service. 

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              Hi all,


              we have made a building block for this, as wanted to costumize the grade output from our Blackboard environment to our Student Portal.

              This way we are able to present the grades the way as asked, and tweak it as the demand changes.


              regards and thank you all for your help,