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        Hi Chris , this was on the product webinar held 14th February - it was recorded so hopefully this will come out soon. As a result of Q2 2017 being put back we'll have to go to Q4 2016 and therefore won't be able to look at Ally, which is very unfortunate as we can see such a big positive impact for the tool for our users. Disappointing. We are going to stay involved with the Ally focus group thing that's running though just keep to keep up-to-date - but it'll now be another year in earnest until we can apply it. *sad face*.


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          Northampton (Managed hosted) would have liked to have gone for the Q2 2017 version but as this is likely to have been released after April / May then we have serious concerns over the time for testing and stability. As with many institutions last year we had mission critical third party building blocks such as Turnitin. The late confirmation from Turnitin of support for the most recent version was a show stopper for us. So most likely now that we will be Q4 2016 for the current year - unless some new information becomes available.

          With regards to the comments on Ally - I attended the webinar which you get invited to after signing up to the usergroup at http://tinyurl.com/blackboard-ally-user-group . I have not seen the recording released yet but it will be an additional cost on top of your current license (subject to discussions with your account managers). I believe it also makes use of Amazon Web Services to store the accessible versions of your uploaded files so some institutions may also need to resolved the d.p. issues of their files being stored off site.

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            We are moving from MH to Saas and I found out yesterday that Turnitin does not support Saas.

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              Hope to upgrade to Q4 2016 CU1 (and hopefully CU2) on May 12.


              However we still have an unfixed concern of the improper use of temp space when certain processes are run.


              Knowledge Base Article Number: 000043240


              Our Case Number: 02423467

              We use the batch_ImportExport.sh command line to restore/archive courses.

              At the same time that batch_ImportExport.sh was running it was common for text indexing to be running in the

              background as files were uploaded to the system by instructors or students. Turns out that the batch_ImportExport and the file indexing

              process were using the same local app server's /tmp folders and files.  When one process stopped it deleted all the files and folders in /tmp thus

              messing up any other process currently using the /tmp area.   This is a change of how temp space was used in Q4 2015 and previous versions that

              used the blackboard/content/vi/BBLEARN /recyclebin/bb_tmp space.

              This also affects the B2 GUI updating process, and maybe other processes.


              No fix out yet since being identified as a problem in December 2016.

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                Thanks for putting this together, Matt!

                Franciscan University finished our migration from MH to SaaS (Q4 2016) in January.

                As a small institution we had some growing pains but the dust seems to have settled after the migration. For anyone planning a migration to SaaS, here are some pain points we had:

                1. Portfolio templates were broken in 3100.6 (known issue)

                2. The date management tool would hang infinitely in 3100.6

                3. Tool descriptions have not worked since our upgrade. When an item is submitted, any description entered disappears. (known issue: 000043273)

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                  Turnitin are a critical integration - if they do not support SaaS then it will prevent any move in that direction. Blackboard need to do more to try and work with Turnitin (and other providers) to keep the products inline otherwise customers suffer and cannot move forward!

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                    David - Which third party tools do you link to using Building blocks? Just wondered which were certified with SaaS

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                      Our third party B2's are as follows:

                      1. LoginAs
                      2. Online Attendance
                      3. Javascript Hack Tools
                      4. Tweak (thank God for Queensland University)
                      5. Panopto Connector
                      6. IDEA Online Connector
                      7. York Data Source Key Tool


                      There are other third party B2's that I omitted because I think they were on our SaaS instance without request (e.g. Respondus)

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                        Which version of BB are you currently using Tweaks with? It looks v. interesting, but would be useful to know what it works with - especially as it looks from the website as if it's not been updated for a while.

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                          We're using Version 3.1.9 (OSCELOT Projects > Projects > Blackboard Tweaks > Home ).


                          It hasn't been updated in a while but it was stable when we were using 9.1 and it's been stable so far on SaaS.


                          One thing to note about it is that several of the tweaks require the addition of new items (one example would be a row hider or icon replacement). These items will not be visible to students who access Blackboard through a web browser. However, these hidden rows ARE visible in the "Bb Student" and "Mobile Learn" apps.

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                            Which version of LoginAs is Saas compatible? 2.2.0?



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                              We love the Tweak system - we've been using it for a while, and still use it on our current Q4 2016 system.  It's great for faculty who are reasonably tech savvy and would like to go beyond the standard options.  However, I believe many of the tweaks don't display well on the Bb apps, if this is an issue.

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                                Yep, 2.20 is compatible with SaaS!

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                                  We are on Oct 2014. Moving to Q4 2015 CU3 in April.  Currently testing the upgrade on our training instance.

                                  2016 is on hold until we can figure out how to do the integration since our present method has been degraded.

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                                    Thanks - at present, though students are finding the apps, we're not encouraging them, as quite a lot of content is in organisations, so that's not working in BBStudent (at present). They are useful, though for Collaborate Ultra - that's the main thing I recommend them for.

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