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May students use their mobile app to view content or respond to a forum post when they don't have access to a laptop or PC.  the Open forum and Panopto plugins need to be ported into the OpenLMS mobile App.  so they can view and respond to content with out having to exit to a browser and continue.  
For students like me who live in rural Ohio, the average speed of our internet connection is lower than that of the Philippines. High speed internet virtually does not exist for us. Recently, an instructor of mine uploaded a video to blackboard approximately 1GB in size. The video is 18 minutes long and appears to be rendered in at least 720p. The…
Hello and greetings from Austria!   I recently joined the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna as Blackboard adminstrator. We are currently looking for an audience response system and are considering using PollEverywhere as it is offering an LMS integration for Blackboard.   The problem is, Polleverywhere is using Email adresses as usernames… (Show more)
Hello,   Is there a simple list of Blackboard Learn features?   I've found lots of good information on, but not the straightforward list of features/functions I'm looking for.   Thanks,   Shane
Is there a way to identify the geographical location of a logged-in student? I am concerned about some students "outsourcing" their online activity.
Click to view contentFirst question I had was: how does Blackboard arrive to the "possible points" you see when you hover above the weighed total column? I'm unable to find any information about this and faculty frequently asks about this number.   Second question: Conceptually it should not matter the basic point value you use for your assignment, it should arrive… (Show more)
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When you open the Column Organisation in Grade Center, it is difficult to remember which columns are visible or hidden for students.   When you look at the Performance Dashboard, Adaptive release you use icons to indicate which options are visible or not for a student... Can't you use the same icon to indicate if a column is visible or hidden for…
I manage several large enrollment lab courses that each have multiple sections.  I reuse course materials from semester to semester.  There are many reasons to have Blackboard Learn pages for each section of these lab courses (others make sense to join sections into one Bb page...).  Date Management tool makes changing day of week tasks so…
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"Lecturers have requested the ability to list contents in reverse order within content areas, e.g. with the most recent post on top.  Currently, lecturers need to manually reorder items using the drag and drop or re-ordering button at the top right and each item needs to be moved individually.  An automated re-ordering facility would be welcomed."…
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We're mid-year... Teacher adds a new content folder.  It is added to Course Content without a problem.  However it appears at the BOTTOM of the list of folders.  Students have given feedback that they prefer new material to appear at the TOP of the list/page.  Is there a way to configure this to be the default behavior? I know the teacher can… (Show more)
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