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Announcement 1 Do you have what it takes to be a Blackboard MVP?
Announcement:Do you have what it takes to be a Blackboard MVP?
Current, the number of decimals in calculated columns of the Grade Center are fixed and it isn't possible to change, even in a global config. In some institutions (like us), only manage until 2 decimal points, but I know that there are other institutions that manage 3 or even more than 3 decimal points. So, I suggest that the number of decimal…
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How can an external learning application integrate with blackboard? We are struggling with finding school specific end points. Does anyone know how can they be obtained? The application needs to sync with the student roster for grades sync.           Any help would be greatly appreciated as we have been struggling with this for a long time and… (Show more)
Users want to edit their own comments after they have been posted and recognize which comments have been edited after initial posting.  An additional benefit would be for instructors to be able to edit annotations from users with less permissions (e.g. Teaching Assistants or Graders).
Would it be possible to allow anyone with a profile on a Blackboard instance be able to post any achievements  earned on Blackboard (both badges and certificates) to his or her profile?  This would increase the value of both lesser used tools.  This was an accounting professor might look at his students' profiles and note what they may have…
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We are planning to take College Algebra online at our institution. We have been asked to do this without the aid of an online homework platform so we will be creating the homework assessments ourselves. The equation editor is wonderful, but is there a way to assess a students' ability to graph properly through blackboard? In class we would give a… (Show more)
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Users want the ability to download a version of the original document with current annotations applied to the document.
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With the new Box view marking interface some features that were in Crocodoc will not be available, in particular:   - students / staff will not be able to download a PDF of the annotated document, they can only download the original submission  (useful for providing an independent record of feedback) - staff will not be able to use the same…
Currently, the Collaborate Original Experience's SAS is managed using either Internet Explorer (an insecure browser) or a third-party plugin. Both require the use of a Windows computer and are an insecure method of administering critical parts of the Collaborate Ultra Experience.   We would love to see a solution that is platform-agnostic and…
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