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We are just starting to look at reporting from the Blackboard Learn Open Database. My institution has purchased access to it for a separate, wider learning analytics project but I'm keen that we take advantage for our (TEL Team) purposes to better understand current Bb usage. We don't have any SQL skills at present but are able to connect Tableau… (Show more)
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I'd like to see the session ID captured as part of the login/logout/expire entries in the bb-auth-log. would help with troubleshooting student activity and session data.
Instructors would like the reintroduction of the "My Room" in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra and its unique functionality for virtual offices, and other open sessions.
There is a need for a course report/admin report that tracks the Instructor's actions performed in the Course Shell.  A timeline of the Instructor's actions of creating, modifying and deleting course content.   There have been cases where students claim the instructor changes the instructions on assignment after the student submitted their course…
This idea would provide a dashboard that allows instructors to view student performance, as individuals or as a class, at both the assessment and course level. The data would be able to be exported to share with others or apply your own independent analysis.
Update April 3rd: Box reported an incident starting at 1:13 PM EDT which impacted New Box View.  Users might have seen latency and/or errors while using Inline Grading within the last few hours.  The issue has been resolved as of 3:28 PM EDT and service should be fully restored.  If you are still seeing any errors or latency, please let me know.… (Show more)
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I need to run a course report from an older course regarding the overall summary of user activity for a specific student.  Unfortunately I'm running into the over 180 days issue where that information gets moved to BBLEARN_stats and now need to query that in order to get the information.  Does anyone have a sql query that I could use to get that… (Show more)
I have been able to make my Deep linking tool work almost as expected. The LTI link displays in the content section of the course and the lineItem exists in the Full Grading Center and my tool can return a grade to it but the student cannot see the line item and it is not in the "Assignment" category.   Is there any extensions blackboard has… (Show more)
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I am building a Gradable deep linking content item app and the content item response works in SaaS but not 9.1.   I have a fully working tool on the SaaS server but get an error when trying to use the deep linking selection tool on 9.1.   Environments AWS SaaS Blackboard Learn for REST and LTI Developers (3500.11.0) Developer VM  9.1 Q2 2018… (Show more)
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