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We use 2 attempts on our assignments to allow Moodle to automatically reopen if a student fails.   Students are now freaking out, thinking they failed due to lateness (we apply a 5% penalty per day) because the activity kind of "resets" for the second attempt and displays the SECOND attempt as late, as it's past the original due date. This makes… (Show more)
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I have recently had a feature request/suggestion from a student. In many of our courses, instructors include multiple files for students. Here is an example:   The student has suggested that a Download All would be very helpful, so they do not have to select and open each file separately, in order to view and save them. While the student agrees…
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bbStats tracks concurrent sessions on the system at the database level for all application servers. It provides user reports by activity levels.   Settings allow for selecting the date range for graphs, limiting access. The interface is compatible with mobile devices like the iPhone.   Overall CPU and Memory resource graphs are in planning to…
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We have our Blackboard enrollments automatically synced with Banner. There's cases where an instructor will manually add a student to their course roster. Any way to get a report of this? Any queries that can be run?
We are starting to see a number of requests from around the university for specific groups of students. Currently, creating and managing these custom groups of students is not easy generally requires constant and . We would like the ability to use fields about a user to create enrolment rules for courses and communities.   Here are a couple of…
With the current ability to attach a rubric to a column, you don't have the features that the assignment tool has as far as delegated marking etc. so it doesn't cater to observational assessment very well. What we would like to see is that the submission requirement is removed from the assignment tool (ie an instructor or grader can still grade,…
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Has anyone complained that the Grade Center view is too large within the 2016 Template design?  We have just upgrade to the template to take advantage of the mobile friendly features, and even though this is a feature of enhancement, our users are disliking the larger view in this screen.  Any workarounds?
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We've seen this happen a few times and I'm going to toss it out to the community to see what kinds of solutions you may offer. A student will log in to a course and remain inactive in the course for an extended period of time.  Then, the student will try to submit and assignment, but will (obviously) not be allowed to do so because their session… (Show more)
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Hi everyone, I'm in the odd situation where SafeAssign reports are only available for 11 out of the 525 students that submitted their assignment. Do you know why this is the case? Our admin "support" responded after I had identified that it was only students who submitted after the 19th September 2017 who were successfully submited to SafeAssign… (Show more)
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