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Hi there   I was just wondering if anyone was experiencing issues with downloading annotated work that has been marked using Box?     We've been experiencing various issues to do with downloading submitted files (not necessarily NBV annotated work) where we keep being thrown into Student Preview and are completely baffled by it.    If you're… (Show more)
Due to FERPA regulations merged courses(common learning environments) are impacted because many tools within Blackboard share user directory information. Our identity management system and Peoplesoft have a flag that can be set for student users who do not want their directory information to be shared. We would like to see Blackboard develop a…
Click to view contentHi everyone,   I want to provide the community an update on some upcoming mobile work related to grade/mark colour used in the Blackboard app.   Background: In the last few days some clients have contacted Blackboard with concerns that the colours assigned to grades/marks grade displayed in the Blackboard app do not correspond well to the UK… (Show more)
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Q2 2019 introduces improved 3rd party integration (see 'Calendar items and due date notifications for additional content types' in Release Notes). This should address the needs expressed by Maria Tannant in this Idea   However we've discovered that Turnitin…
Hi all, we use SSO (Shibboleth is our IdP) and we're having some troubles in setting it up properly with url branding. In bb-properties file is set bbconfig.frontend.fullhostname= default platform url   Thus after SSO each user is redirected to the default hostname instead of the one that he/she typed. Do you know if there are workarounds for… (Show more)
Customized course role privileges for course copies   (first time posting, hoping I have selected the appropriate community location & category)   I am trying to set up a customized course role to limit our new instructors to only copying old course content into a new course. We don't want a new instructor to be able to modify anything in the… (Show more)
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Click to view contentWhat’s happening?    As changes in web technology mature and evolve we are constantly looking at ways to adopt new technologies that can improve the experience for our users.     When we first released Collaborate with the Ultra experience, we adopted technologies that brought to market HD audio and video sharing for meetings and sessions directly… (Show more)
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During the presentation Matthew Deeprose, Sam Cole and I did at TLC last week in Newcastle (thanks to all that attended, by the way), one person in the audience raised the question: "What about Ultra? What can we do?". I had been thinking about it earlier and chatting with other attendees at the cafeteria, and promised that I would bring it here… (Show more)
We're moving from Managed Hosting to SaaS in July, and I'm currently going through the test migration process, and have been looking at our custom language pack.  We've made some small changes to the UK English language pack, and created a copy called City College English.  In the past, on SH and MH, I would make a new copy of the UK English… (Show more)
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