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SPEAKERS: Christopher Brandt, Director for Business Intelligence, Concordia University - Wisconsin Andy Miller, Director for Academic Advising & Retention, Concordia University - Wisconsin   This presentation will focus on Concordia’s complete solution- the context, the problem, the solution- beginning with a simple customization to the…
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I saw youtube mashup on Blackboard and it is impressive. I would like to code a similar mashup like Youtube. However, I can't find much information online. Does anybody has any sample code or tutorial?
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The documentation for extracting grade values with REST says I can identify the columnId via the externalId. I was hoping this would be the same as the name. I could then eliminate the request for all the columns in the course just to find the id of the column I wanted. When that didn’t work, I requested all the information for all the columns.… (Show more)
Recently posted: If you (using SaaS, Continuous Delivery, Managed Hosting, or Self Hosting) have made these (looks like 2) changes are there any issues ? We are self hosted running Q4 2017 CU2 (3300.0.2-rel.137+ba130da)
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Hello,   I downloaded login.jsp and updated with new code. However, the login page isn't showing the same thing as the preview. How do I update the login page with the new login.jsp, I've waited two days and cleaned caches. Do I have to open blackboard ticket for this?
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We received an e-mail from Elsevier indicating that they are transitioning from whatever system they currently have to an LTI tool. I checked their website and documentation literally for 2 (two) hours just to find an e-mail. Has anyone gone through the setup? More specifically: What is the best way to reach them and get the required Tool… (Show more)
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Hey again BB Community!   I am trying to insert in a few records (this is a test run) into our bblearn database. My code is as follows:   String insertStatement = "INSERT INTO BBLEARN.KSU_KSOT(version) VALUES(?)";… (Show more)
Users want the ability to download a version of the original document with current annotations applied to the document.
Edit 1/23/2018: Updated title and description to more accurately reflect the functionality being requested.  Thanks Bill Blais for the suggestion!   Users want to see that comments exist and the content of comments without having to mouse-over the annotation.  Additionally, the expanded point annotation covers other text/content in the document,…
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