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Click to view contentAnyone tried Google 'Course Kit for assignments' LTI.   Set up Course Kit for assignments - Course Kit Help   We've tried and it works in Original Course View. But in Ultra Course View, we get the below
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*We are still using original course view.  But the Ultra navigation. From what I am seeing if you change your new Course Card image it replaces your banner image, normally changed in Learning Styles.  Once you change one the other changes, these images are linked.  Can anyone else confirm that their course is working this way?    I discovered it… (Show more)
Reminder: Effective December 31, 2019, the Social Learning Tools and Cloud Profile features of Blackboard Learn will no longer be available. As a part of our commitment to delivering a Learning Management System of the highest quality, feature areas are periodically evaluated to determine their suitability to support our clients' academic… (Show more)
Let me start by saying how much I appreciate the Developer Virtual Machine and the work that Blackboard has put into optimizing the install and upgrade process of Learn.   Unfortunately, I cannot use the DVM directly on my machine because I already have Hyper-V in use. It would require bcdedit & a reboot to toggle hypervisors.   To get going… (Show more)
I was just trying the latest   $ vagrant ssh Welcome to Ubuntu 15.10 (GNU/Linux 4.2.0-42-generic x86_64)   * Documentation:     Get cloud support with Ubuntu Advantage Cloud Guest:   Your Ubuntu release is not supported anymore. For upgrade… (Show more)
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Bb Student is now Blackboard  As of June 2017, Bb Student is now known as Blackboard. The app’s functions remain the same. For consistency, the app-to-app launch schemas will change and the older ones using the bbstudent:// prefix will be deprecated. As with any deprecation, we are informing you, the developer, that we plan to remove this…
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So, it looks like Blackboard is having a clear-out of older and less-used tools - after yesterday's announcement that Blackboard Open Content would be discontinued from 31st December 2019, I've read today that the Social Learning Tools are also being dropped as of this date - see . … (Show more)
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Click to view contentAbout: Internet Explorer and Blackboard Learn don't play nice together. This article explains how to create a warning that will appear only for users who attempt to log in to your Blackboard environment using Internet Explorer.   What's the Problem? For the better part of my career as an LMS administrator, I've told anyone who would listen that… (Show more)