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I am thrilled to announce that the Blackboard Instructor app is now available globally in Apple App and Google Play Stores. Blackboard Instructor is our brand new mobile application that gives instructors a simple and intuitive way to manage courses, interact with students, and view content with an emphasis placed on their immediate needs.… (Show more)
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Welcome to the Instructional Designer Forum!Get hands on help on making the most with your experience and connect with a global community of Blackboard users like you. To get started: Go ahead and introduce yourself in this thread! And be sure to update your profile to include areas of expertise to make it easier to find help from your peers. If…
What do Adam Authier, Matt Deeprose and Ester Muñoz have in common... All are ALL STARS of the Member Spotlight community corner! Want to join this exclusive club? Leave a comment below or PM me, entailing what times are best for you to stop by the Knowledge Bar at Bbworld17 and you'll be contacted with more details! (All experiences welcome!)
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My institution has two ADFS server farms on two different networks.  We have an academic network with an ADFS server for student logins and an adminstrative network with an ADFS server for faculty login.  Because a majority of our users are students, I would like to have our Blackboard login default to the student login but provide a means for… (Show more)
Hi all, just wanted to share our workflow and a specific use case we tried this weekend for a professional development event.  Twice a year the university runs Faculty Development Day, which is an all day workshop/speaker event.  We have been using Collaborate Classic for years to create "hybrid" workshops in some of the sessions, using either a… (Show more)
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Procurando informações sobre a tecnologia de anti-plágio do Learn encontrei esse ótimo vídeo de visão geral feito por Robson Santos do depto de TI da ESAMC (Escola Superior de Administração, Marketing e Comunicação de Santos). Esse vídeo foi produzido para instruir os professores da instituição e traz um roteiro bem claro sobre o uso da…
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Nos dias 25, 26 e 27 de julho acontece em Nova Orleans o Bb World.   O evento irá reunir importantes profissionais de todo o mundo, com palestras sobre inovação na educação a distância, acessibilidade, retenção dos alunos e muito mais!   Que tal acompanhar o evento de casa ou do trabalho? Cadastre-se no Bb Live e participe do Bb World 2017.  … (Show more)
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We have a lot of Building Blocks installed; probably too many. It would be great if we could have a way to know which courses are using which building blocks so we can uninstall the ones not being used. I can see this being done in 2 ways:   Either by a report that can be generated for all building blocks being used or through seeing the…