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In the Discussion Board, is it possible to change the default for viewing discussion posts from List View to Tree View / Expand All?
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In the Grade Centre, if an instructor hides the column for an assessment, the result still feeds into the total column and a student can work out what their grade was for the assessment based on the total column.   This causes a lot of issues as instructors often believe that if a column is hidden, students cannot view their score (or work it out…
Bb Q2 2017 displays 5 decimals in a calculated column. The instructor should be allowed to adjust the number of displayed decimals and it should default to 2.
We're moving to Ultra in the coming year, and I've been a bit dismayed by the page load times and sizes. Diving into it in a bit more detail, there are a lot of JS files being included that are really very large - one such file is content-create.xxxxxxxx.js, which is 960 KB (although it does zip down to 201 KB), and apparently cannot be cached.… (Show more)
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Hello I'm using PHP to access Blackboard's SOAP based web services to get current memberships for an external app to allow staff to bulk unenrol from older courses.   It all works fine on our STAGE server but on our live server it regularly fails. I've had this before with other systems and it feels like load/number of connections. I have put a… (Show more)
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Hi, all. I'm new to the Blackboard world.   I have a request here to implement a clean-up on the courses every term. We should remove every courses that that has started in a period of 2 years.   I've been told that this should be done using the GUI and selecting the radio that keeps all the files. The reason is that we deleted once using the… (Show more)
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I know that each user can manually change the pagination in the discussion boards but can this be adjusted system wide, or at the course level? Nobody wants to be on page 2 and when the 26th person enters the class, someone suffers. I know faculty members who won't exceed 25 people in their online courses because of this specific issue. The… (Show more)
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I've attended the April 13th Webinar on Data Reporting and am curious, there is a slide that says that the LogFormat is available on [BLACKBOARD_HOME]/config/tomcat/conf/Server.xml|.bb, but I believe that this file isn't accessible to managed hosting users, so how can I get it?
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