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Several weeks ago, I sat in Blackboard's Curie conference room (named for Marie Curie, the famed researcher, double Nobel prize winner, and first woman to become a professor at the University of Paris) and listened to the results of our Client Satisfaction survey, an annual survey we conduct to better understand how we’re meeting our clients’… (Show more)
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Hi I think it would be very beneficial to allow the My Courses module setting "group by term" to be toggled as a default setting.
Hello Bb uses and Bb community.   I am an instructional designer who has been using and teaching in Blackboard since 2006. I have a client who wants to make sure that we have everything available for "printing" for the students. In my experience, it is not a best practice to print directly from Bb. Are there methods for students to where they can… (Show more)
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Has anyone complained that the Grade Center view is too large within the 2016 Template design?  We have just upgrade to the template to take advantage of the mobile friendly features, and even though this is a feature of enhancement, our users are disliking the larger view in this screen.  Any workarounds?
I would like advice on the best way to assist one of our professors who doesn't use points in his grading system.  He only uses percentages for each graded item. 
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We use 2 attempts on our assignments to allow Moodle to automatically reopen if a student fails.   Students are now freaking out, thinking they failed due to lateness (we apply a 5% penalty per day) because the activity kind of "resets" for the second attempt and displays the SECOND attempt as late, as it's past the original due date. This makes… (Show more)
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bbStats tracks concurrent sessions on the system at the database level for all application servers. It provides user reports by activity levels.   Settings allow for selecting the date range for graphs, limiting access. The interface is compatible with mobile devices like the iPhone.   Overall CPU and Memory resource graphs are in planning to…
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We have our Blackboard enrollments automatically synced with Banner. There's cases where an instructor will manually add a student to their course roster. Any way to get a report of this? Any queries that can be run?