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Announcement 1 Do you have what it takes to be a Blackboard MVP?
Announcement:Do you have what it takes to be a Blackboard MVP?
I'm not sure if this has been covered previously or not. I couldn't find this in the community, but apologies if I'm doubling up.   Here is the scenario - A user is enrolled as an instructor on a Blackboard Learn 9.1 Course. They set up the Collaborate Ultra tool as a Tool link to provide all enrolled users access to the Collaborate Ultra…
Users want the ability to download a version of the original document with current annotations applied to the document.
We licensed Bb Collaborate a number of years ago - it was done outside of our department with grant money. The end result of a 5 year contract in which $300k was spent...years 1 and 2, we didn't even know we had it. Years 3-5 we got some adoption but in the end, the product was really bad, just did not work well at all and was deemed a total loss.… (Show more)
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Hi,   When I have a session on browser as a System Administrator I can access links listed on Rest Api page: But when I have session as Student System Role links don't reply any result.   Can users with Student System Role use Rest API?
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How can an external learning application integrate with blackboard? We are struggling with finding school specific end points. Does anyone know how can they be obtained? The application needs to sync with the student roster for grades sync.           Any help would be greatly appreciated as we have been struggling with this for a long time and… (Show more)
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We are planning to take College Algebra online at our institution. We have been asked to do this without the aid of an online homework platform so we will be creating the homework assessments ourselves. The equation editor is wonderful, but is there a way to assess a students' ability to graph properly through blackboard? In class we would give a… (Show more)
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With the new Box view marking interface some features that were in Crocodoc will not be available, in particular:   - students / staff will not be able to download a PDF of the annotated document, they can only download the original submission  (useful for providing an independent record of feedback) - staff will not be able to use the same…