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        Fantastic Job Clara, limpio y claro diseno.

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          Great job Tim!!

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            WOW ! ...

            I never stop being impressed and humbled by what Bb clients develop . What an amazing community of people dedicated to their users !

            The "learning pathway" is great and I'd imagine especially useful for blended learning (and further education) : such a good visual way for learners see what they must do to to stay on track.

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              Hi Danny,


              Your Blackboard is gorgeous, so refreshing, thanks so much for sharing. Just have a few questions.


              1: What version of Blackboard are you using?

              2: Did you have to do much to the CSS 2016 theme?

              3: How did you manage to get the top header banner?


              Would be great if you could showcase this at the London Bug ;~)





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                I second that WOW!

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                  Hello Mr. Allard Naber, brilliant such a good work.


                  We are also thinking to implement the time table part, but in different way means we will export the data from our attendance s/w and then convert into ical and import in blackboard faculty wise, so I want is it possible can we do it in such a way.

                  Need your kind guidance.
                  Yolene ORS

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                    Just Awesome

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                      This looks like a great tool from your colleagues Pablo! I think visualising a course from start to finish to give them context of where they are in the process and what assessment etc they have is so important...brilliant.

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                        Hi Tim,

                        Well, the IT developers are doing a great job. It is more focus on the Pedagogy and how we can improve our student interactions. Academics can active weekly schedule or modules and then students interact using the LP. Believe me, it is a fantastic tool!

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                          This is lovely

                          Is it built with the communities (tabs and modules) part of Blackboard.


                          I'd be interested to know whether you built it from scratch or used a communities Tab and added modules/plugins. Did you use CSS to hide some of the navigation e.g. add module. It looks really clean and the removal of some of the navigation really looks like it's helped.



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                            Hi Guys,


                            My name is Alexandre, i'am a Distance Learning Educational Especialist from the Educational Technology Team at Laureate Brasil. We are posting these not as a individual, but as a team who works very hard to delivery the best expirience for our students.


                            We did a visual customization and the creation of 2 building blocks that can handle the Courses (we call those as  Disciplinas) and Organizations (Comunidades).


                            The PAES (Student Support Program) and EAD SOLIDARIO (Distance Learning Solidarity) are Courses that have a "Special Weight" and we excluded them from the Course View and Highlighted them on another area. By doing that, we can easily show to the user that  a specific group of courses are special in some way.


                            The B2bs have some tools: Change color, create a alert icon for a activity that need a review from the user, unchild/child it from a specific area and many more.


                            It's already live and we at Laureate Brasil are very happy with those customizations and will work even harder to achieve our final goals. Hope you guys like it the same way we loved lot's of customizations and ideais on this particular post.



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                              Wow! Great job guys!

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                                Great job, I love it. I'm curious if you changed a lot the experience within courses too ?

                                Are the building blocks you made available for the community on Oscelot ?

                                The huge work you've done is very inspiring, thanks for sharing !

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                                  Hi Maria,


                                  Thanks, sorry it took so long to reply...


                                  We are using BB Learn - Release 3100.0.1-rel.117+6ef1843 - and to be honest no there wasn't very much tweaking with the CSS - it was just a case of finding the right piece of code to change some of the colours to match our corporate ones. I used 'firebug' a plug-in for firefox to find the right piece of code to change to edit the #xxxxxx colours. The top header banner is just an 'animated.gif' created within a module and placed on the home page - so nothing too tricky there.


                                  I have responded to Bryony at Westeminster University which is where our next BUG is I think and agreed to do a little presentation - hope to see you there! :-)





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                                    Excellent news Danny O'Connor - really looking forward to seeing your work at the London BUG meeting.

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