Make Course Availability Padlock Icon in v3300 Always Appear in Top-right Corner of Course

Idea created by mh21485 on Nov 16, 2017
    Under review

    In the Q4 2017 v3300 release, there is a new feature introduced that makes a course's availability visible to the instructor or admin through a padlock icon that appears next to the "Edit Mode" icon. In my testing, I have found that this icon appears only on a course's module page. Client Support has confirmed this is how the tool was designed to function. This is problematic because not all instructors use the modules page let alone have it set as a course's entry point, where it would become immediately visible. I would like to recommend that the icon appear on the course's designated course entry point or even better, have it appear permanently in the top-right corner of the course next to Edit Mode regardless of what page you are on.




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