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Learn Ultra Office Hours I was wondering if we could make the "Blackboard Collaborate" text for the Learn Ultra Office Hours a more descriptive link text?  I keep assuming that the recordings are about Blackboard Collaborate Ultra rather than about Learn Ultra recorded using Blackboard Collaborate.  Thanks!
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Here is a link to the recording. The slides and transcript are attached. Learn Ultra Office Hours Recording 
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Thanks everyone for joining the September Asia Pacific Learn Ultra Office Hours today.    If you missed it, you can catch up with the recording - Learn Ultra Office Hours - APAC - recording_8   The upcoming meetings are: Thursday, October 22, 11AM-12PM AEST Thursday, November 26, 11AM-12PM AEST Thursday, December 17, 11AM-12PM AEST   Please… (Show more)
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Faculty have noticed items with due dates over two months away being flagged as being due soon in the daily digest emails. This is obviously not "soon", so I was curious about how the notification system defines "soon".   Thanks!
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This image displays information that is "hard-coded" and appears in Ultra matching question type for the student but not to the instructor. In a matching question type, the text " You can use an answer more than once" appears to the students.  Instructors creating the question will not see that text as they are creating the question. Currently… (Show more)
This image displays information that is "hard-coded" and appears in Ultra multiple choice/answer question type for the student but not to the instructor. In a multiple choice/answer question type, the text " Select the correct answer " appears to the students for a multiple choice and "Select the correct answers" appears to the students if there… (Show more)
I'm curious for those that have already turned on ultra nav: when applied to the current courses, does it change the left navigation menu? As in, right now if I import a course onto our test server, with ultra nav enabled, it adds an extra Discussion link, the home page, etc.
For example, the original experience offered, All at Once, One At a Time, Prohibit Backtracking, Randomize Questions.  All I see for Ultra test is All at Once and Randomize Questions.  I need the One At a Time and Prohibit Backtracking, in particular.
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Reminder: Be sure to register here so that you don't miss upcoming Ultra Office Hour sessions!
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