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I have a user_tool that I want to add to the Tools module under My Blackboard. Is there a way to make it so this link is only visible to instructors and not students?

Alberto Ruiz
Hi,   I have recorded a video tutorial about how to use the Blackboard Learn Web Services Framework. I wanted to be language agnostic so I have used SoapUI.   You will learn how to setup your Blackboard Learn environment to let an external tool to register, login and consume the SOAP webservices.   In this video we will get all
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Hello,   I have to develop Ajax based B2. For the moment, I hava ajax example turning well lile java application on eclipse. Using it as base, I adpat it for new B2 but after uploding it on BB Learn, it does not work.   We have also to use Spring with ajax for the B2. Any samples or documents can be helpfull. Thanks