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Announcement 1 Reminder- Community Site Design Updates Coming Soon!
Announcement:Reminder- Community Site Design Updates Coming Soon!

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Today our spotlight is on our international client the National Institute of Education, Singapore. Dr. Samson Tan, Head of the Centre for Innovation in Learning discusses the partnership with Blackboard, and its strengths.   The post 20th Anniversary – National Institute of Education Singapore Client Spotlight appeared first on

The emerging fields of learning analytics and educational data science have seen rapid change in recent years. As adoption increases and we in higher education grow in our understanding of how data collected by colleges and universities can be used to increase student success, it is helpful to look back at how far we have come in the past year as
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Hi Everyone!   I am excited to share that we have released our first Open Innovation Initiative focused Developer Virtual Blackboard Application (DVBA) via the Amazon Web Services Marketplace. More on that in a moment – first for folks who missed the news at BbWorld 2017, here’s a refresh:   At BbWorld 2017, we announced