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Hi All   I had not noticed any posts about this so far.  We were very surprised to find that the behaviour of "non-immediate" announcement emails has changed in 2018 Q2.   Today we installed 2018 Q2 on a dev server (self-hosted RHEL/Oracle) and as part of our post upgrade test we checked the announcement feature, both with "Send a

Hey everyone,   We're planning for a changeover to the Ultra Base Navigation, and doing some testing.  I have a question about the new user profile: does anyone know if it's possible to remove the change password option, or point it to another resource?  We use CAS for authentication, so a blackboard specific change password link
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This would allow instructors to better understand the student’s approach to learning by viewing data such as grades, time spent online, trends, extracurriculars and career aspirations in one place. The instructor could review a log of previous interventions and the success of those interactions. Based off this cumulative data, we’ll